Viva la Vida

DJ Ötzal's Midnight Run: May 16, 2015

ends and beginnings

[GM Note: I legitimately don’t remember most of what happened here because of the distance between games, so we’re going to play it like it all happened in about a week’s time.]

So the Prometheans have been taken care of. Again. Finally.

After splitting up into groups, the Freehold worked together to put an end to this threat. In the process, though, we lost one of our greatest warriors. Anna, may you finally know peace.

In other news, after the loss of her right hand person, Terra has stepped down as Summer’s queen. Rook has taken her place. God, Lalonde, watch out. Haha. That’s… a joke. None of us want to lose you.

There were some suits on the scene when the Prometheans met their end, and one of them seems to have deeply unsettled Ollie. Well, I won’t stand for bullying, at least. We may have another challenge on our hands, folks. Well, as they say, in for a penny, in for a pound. Those of us left are hardened from the challenges we’ve faced, so we’ll be fine.

But, uh, given what’s been going down at his offices, maybe Lalonde should actually be watching out. Mmh.

Oh, and there’s the setup for a new Court system afoot! More on that as it develops. Hopefully we’ll all still be able to get along!

Haha. That’s. That’s another joke.

Anyway, let’s get you to some music, yeah?



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