Amy Champagne

owner of the angry phial


Amy is, like most Wizened, spare. Her cheekbones are severe, and she almost swims in her typical work outfit of a button up shirt and slacks. Amy is only just this side of lightweight, though, so her clothing seems to have been made for someone significantly bigger than her. Rumor has it that she stole the clothing from her Fetch. Amy does nothing to confirm or deny these rumors.

She is also quite tall, in part because of her heels and in part due to natural height. She towers over anyone under six feet, and can be intimidating at times. Most know her as a softie underneath, though, who is always willing to make a drink and listen to a sob story. She’s been known to give advice when she feels like she can help, and she’s particularly inclined to help out the Spring Court (being a part of it herself). She doesn’t mind the general promiscuity of the Spring Court, but as an asexual, she tends to stay out of such things. She sports platinum blonde hair that falls in wisps around her face and reaches to her chin, and electric blue highlights run through it. Her eyes are dark, but inquisitive.

Amy sells things out in goblin markets, as well, offering her Glamour-infused alcohol to any who might want such an elixir. Her workshop, where she experiments with new drinks and potions of a kind, is somewhere in the Hedge. No one knows quite where her Hollow is, though.

In addition to her specialty in mix-making, she is also fairly versed in barfighting and the Hedge. Her former physical problems have made her good with pharmaceuticals.

When she’s stressed, she wanders aimlessly, unable to sit still, searching for something she knows she’ll never find.


Amy was at a party when she was taken.

She didn’t have any idea where she was going with her life. She was doing alright in her courses at college, but she didn’t have any direction. But she was good at mixing drinks, and that was what was important, right?

She hadn’t had anything to drink herself due to her temperamental liver, so someone she’d never met before asked if she could get a ride home. Amy accepted, and no one saw her for weeks.

In Arcadia, her multitudes of physical problems were worked on by the magic of Fae before she was set to work making drinks for wild Gentry parties. She had to learn how to fight in order to keep herself from being picked up and taken away to somewhere else, somewhere she might find less pleasant. Eventually, one of the True Fae brought along a crafter of explosives to show off. She and the other Wizened worked together to get all the Gentry very, very inebriated, then filled it with explosives and blew it to bits. They were close while in the Hedge, but while Amy stayed in Ann Arbor, the other Wizened moved to Detroit. They still e-mail each other on a daily basis, though, just to check in.

Nowadays, Amy runs The Angry Phial and tries to be as accommodating as possible to all new changelings that end up at The Crimson Table.

Amy Champagne

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