the one fighting for the underdogs


Anna is gigantic. Though smaller than Lalonde, she’s still over six and a half feet tall and all muscle. She’s not much of a looker because of her battle scars, but she doesn’t really care. Her primary concern is keeping at the top of her game. She’s a little like a bodyguard for Terra, but they’re very close friends. She also has some knowledge of medicine so she can heal people.

Though she enjoys fighting, Anna refuses to do so without a good reason. She spends most of her time standing up for those that can’t stand up for themselves. When she sticks up for you, no one challenges it. She’s Summer Court enough to have no qualms about punching through someone she feels is badly intentioned.

She’s not without flaws though. She views sticking up for people a favor, and should those she’s protected not help her in some respect when she requests it, she can get kind of pissy.


Anna had to fight her way through her Durance. She was pitted against other changelings, sometimes friends, sometimes people she hardly knew, some as strong as her, most weaker. She fought, but she never killed. It wasn’t in her nature. Sure, they always ended up killed by the Gentry anyway, but she could at least kind of sleep at night knowing she hadn’t been the one to do it. She was always punished for it, but it kept her conscience clean.

Eventually she got sick of the pointless bloodshed and set everybody free, holding her Keeper off with her own two hands as they fled. And then she snapped his neck and ran, too.

She doesn’t think she killed him for good. She’s not that na├»ve. But she did a bunch of people a service. And that’s what she cares about.

She died fighting the Prometheans in May.


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