queen of her own domain


One of the most distinctive things about Ariadne is that she has eight eyes. If you ask her about them, she’ll tell you, “All the better to see you with.” It’s ironic, because she actually can’t see any better than anybody else. Another of the most distinctive things about her is that she’s got two arms and six spindly legs coming off of her lower body. She’s pretty literally half woman, half spider.

She’s pretty sensitive about her appearance, though, so most of the time she stays in her Hollow, which is essentially a labyrinth. It’s nigh impossible to get through without being invited, so she’s a bit difficult to get ahold of.

Ariadne is pretty nimble and is your go-to for sneaky endeavors. She’s got the resources to back it up, too. She’s kind of like the A-Team that way. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find her… maybe you can talk to Ariadne.


She pretty obviously had a twisted Keeper that liked turning people into trapdoor spider hybrids with fully functional silk and venom and that sort of thing, but other than that, Ariadne prefers not to talk about her Durance. She showed up here and figured out her shit and has stayed put since.


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