Bucky Eisolt

may as well call him sagittarius


Bucky is not technically a centaur. The lower half of his body is that of a white-tailed deer, and he has some impressive antlers. But he’s close enough by most standards that it’s an easier title than “half man half deer thing.” And, okay, the fact that he’s an archer doesn’t help his case.

He’s the Winter Court’s first line of defense, as he’s quick enough to be able to distract long enough to get everyone else out and then escape himself. If he’s not the fastest Changeling in the state, he’s damn close. He moves at nearly twice the speed of everyone else he’s ever met. It’s interesting, then, that one of his closest friends is Maggie, who is known for taking her sweet time.

Though he’s quick, Bucky is a generally patient kind of guy, and stays quiet most of the time. He’s a master marksman and excels often at accuracy endeavors.


Where Nathan was a hunter, Bucky was the hunted. He spent his days running through the woods and hiding before he found a discarded bow and arrows, and it was then that his journey to be both excellent at hiding and at defending began.

It wasn’t all that long by changeling standards that he succeeded, and he’s kept practicing both since then.

Bucky Eisolt

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