you'll warm up to him pretty quick


Cinnabar is a scholar first and foremost. He loves learning and has a gigantic library in his Hollow. He’s also on fire, which you would think might hinder that somewhat, but he only burns if he chooses to, so generally he’s alright. His hair stands up off of his head and flickers, like a more orange version of Disney’s Hades. He’s also apparently decent at fighting.

What he really loves to do is to dabble in learning a multitude of subjects, and he has enough of a library to successfully do so. He’s a bit of a firebrand, though, and tends to get a little worked up at the drop of a hat. He’s not terribly social, but he’s very intellectual. He’s a pretty nice guy, though.

He especially loves reading scary stories, which he does on the radio every weeknight.


Cinnabar’s origin story is borderline horrifying. To make a long story short, he was used as fuel for a fireplace, and eventually, Arcadia decided that he was doing a good enough job that he didn’t need to be re-lit every time. When the fire finally made a contract with him and stopped burning him, he stood up and lit the whole manor ablaze.

He’s spent enough time in a living room without being able to have any comfort that comfy chairs and books still appeal to him, though, so he’s made sure to spend quite a bit of time in places like that without any fireplaces.


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