Hungry Tatarind Lalonde

king of the emerald court


Hungry Tatarind Lalonde is a large man. As a matter of fact, he’s huge. At seven feet tall weighing in at nearly three hundred and fifty pounds, he is not a man to be physically trifled with. His strength is average, his stamina incredible, and his dexterity negligible. His teeth are razor sharp as with all Gristlegrinders, and are often shown in his trademark face-splitting grins. He tends to give off a vibe somewhere between Julius Caesar and Dionysus. Those who have known him for any significant amount of time will assure you—he’s far more like Dionysus. His skin is tinged a pale green, and he tends to wear tuxedoes with small pink flowers in the lapel. Fledgling horns poke from his head, his hair is slicked back with a salt-and-pepper coloration, and his eyes are beady and black.

Lalonde does not believe in the idea of excess—that is to say, “too much” is not in his dictionary. He helps all the Spring Court and, if they are willing, all members of any other Court to meet their desires head-on. He is political and very wealthy, as he has entrenched himself deeply into Ann Arbor’s inner workings. As such, The Crimson Table is well-off, and this draws other changelings from poorer areas like Detroit. This is likely why it is such a large freehold in comparison to others in cities of similar size.

He enjoys throwing lavish parties, spreading the wealth, and making sure that everyone has more than enough to go around.


Lalonde and Murmur are the oldest remaining members of The Crimson Table. They have been here for at least forty years, and seem to intend to stay as long as they can. They are close friends, and despite being the heads of Courts of minor opposition, they remain on friendly terms.

When Hungry Tatarind Lalonde was abducted, he was thrown directly into the world of food tasting. He was set to work making sure that food was not poisoned for a Fae noble, and when he escaped, he took his iron stomach and love of food with him. He has a particular penchant for swallowing goblin fruit whole.

After taking up residence at The Crimson Table, he worked his way up through the ranks to become king of the Spring Court, using his acquired influence in the city and power to distribute goods, services, and assorted other things to members of the freehold. He’s still happy to help whenever he can, and is very open about accepting requests for very nearly anything.

Hungry Tatarind Lalonde

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