double, double, toil and trouble


Maggie looks like she stepped out of the wrong side of a fairytale. She’s short, squat, and green skinned, making her a prime candidate for any auditions for wicked witches in the area. And her Mask isn’t much better.

She’s not exactly mean, though. She can and does curse people, sure, but she’s also been known to heal and provide others with runs of good luck. She seems pretty versatile. She loves going into the Hedge to check out the harvest of goblin fruits.

She’s also not very fast, which makes her close friendship with Bucky Eisolt rather interesting.


Maggie was allegedly forced to shove her fair share of children into ovens, which took its toll on her. Because of this, a good number of the Freehold don’t talk to her at all. Eventually she managed to do the same to her Keeper. By that point, though, they looked almost identical, and she decided to hightail it out of Arcadia before people started to get them mixed up.


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