you'll never see him coming


The biggest problem people run into with Mikhail is that he doesn’t speak a lick of English. He can understand it well enough, or at least he acts like he understands, but he doesn’t read it very well, either. He knows nobody speaks Russian, but he speaks in it anyway on the off chance that fae magic has, for once, worked in his favor.

Terra doesn’t let that stop her from being close friends with him, though. She thinks the way he changes his appearance and voice to mock people is funny, even if she doesn’t understand the jokes he makes. He’s a little too prone to stab first, ask questions later, but he seems to otherwise mean well enough.

While his mien is mirrorlike and glossy, Mikhail’s Mask is perfectly nondescript. He could fit into any crowd, anywhere. He’s very easy to overlook if you’re not a changeling—and sometimes, even if you are.


Since nobody currently in the Crimson Table speaks Russian, Mikhail’s past is currently a mystery. Some people think he might not even be Russian. That’s just the sort of the thing the fae do.


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