the man with the plan


Who is Reginald? Well, he’s a pile of dust now, so a better question is probably “who was Reginald?”

Reginald was a somewhat tall man who tended to dress in a way that seemed pompous. Considering he was a member of the most pompous group of vampires, this was understandable, but still hilarious and irritating. He seemed to talk very big for what he did, but he lacked on follow-through, or so many seemed to think.

Unfortunately for them, Reginald was a lot smarter than they believed. A master of the double-cross and artful in his deceit, Reginald was… quite good at what he did. At least, he was until he lost Skittish, his favorite thrall, and then things sort of went to hell from there. His pride, already large, consumed him. He was filled with the burning need to get the poor thing back at any cost, because who knows what could harm such a poor innocent thrall out there?

In the end, that was what got him killed.


Reginald’s backstory is mostly irrelevant to non-vampires. All that they really need to know is this:

He caught Skittish.

He sired Chris.

He lost Skittish.

He fought with Riley Silverscale over Skittish’s freedom three different times, the final being a duel.

Reginald lost the duel.

Skittish ended his life.

But he has found other ways to continue to influence his environment posthumously, much to the delight of his followers and the chagrin of everyone else.

Rumor has it that the new plan is to make sure Chris carries on the line with Skittish and Riley as thralls at his side, come hell or high water. Said “hell or high water” is the complete erasure of Chris’s personality and memories, starting anew and molding a new leader.

It’s what Reginald would have wanted.


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