Riley Silverscale

seems pretty friendly


Short, meek, and unassuming, “pleasant, if a little strange” is a description that has commonly been ascribed to Riley. Physically, the Changeling is quite distinctive. Riley’s entire body appears to have been sculpted from assorted metals. Their skin appears to be silver in composition, their hair (long and straight, flowing past their shoulders), possesses the color and texture of bronze, although it is as pliable as its mundane counterpart, and their teeth and nails possess the traits of platinum. A pair of short, backswept antlers of gold emerge from behind Riley’s ears. Riley’s skin has been carved into a pattern of perfectly regular diamonds, giving the unmistakable impression of scales. Riley’s facial features are soft, but flawless, as could be expected of one of the Fairest. Riley’s Mask is notable for being androgynous in the extreme; some of the more flippant Changelings in the region have started a public betting pool on Riley’s gender, but this has proven to be a rather fruitless endeavor. Riley prefers comfortable, covering clothing, which conceals numerous scars that seem to cover their body.

Riley, despite being a Fairest, is rather clumsy and possesses unimpressive endurance. They have, however, incredible strength that belies their slender frame. Riley’s sight is also very poor, and they require corrective lenses to see properly.

In terms of personality, Riley is quiet and reserved even at the best of times, a trait that is helped by their almost complete inability to speak. Any attempt by Riley to produce noise yields little more than a soft hiss, although they do know sign language and keep a writing pad on hand at all times in order to communicate. Riley is kind, warm, and social by nature, although they have demonstrated a limited degree of clarity and frequently drifts off or loses focus as a result.


Riley could be described as something of a pleasant enigma within the Crimson Table. One of the newest Changelings in the area, Riley made a memorable appearance during the last Winter’s Crowning, appearing from the Hedge in an almost feral state. A timely intervention from Tatarind Lalonde prevented any kind of serious problem from occurring, and his continued help in the coming weeks is often credited with Riley’s swift entry into the Spring Court. Riley has since picked up a reputation as a thoroughly likeable if somewhat strange individual.

Riley’s life before their escape is a complete unknown; they have very politely but firmly refused to speak about it. Based on their fragile mental state, however, it is likely that they suffered horrific abuse, even by the wide standards of most changelings.

Riley Silverscale

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