Roy Gerard

his language isn't the only thing that's colorful


Roy Gerard Bivend would be your stereotypical pretty boy if he wasn’t an ephemeral being of shifting colors with long hair and a fit body. He’s good at getting information, and he’s better at guns. So he’s not all looks.

He swears a lot, and likes to embellish stories. He’s pretty smart, but tends to jump the gun a little bit, and likes overdoing things a lot. But he also seems to like making sure people don’t give up on what they believe in.

His primary position in the Court is that of a sniper, though in closer quarters he’s also pretty terrifying with a pistol or revolver. People have speculated that he just likes the noise they make.


Roy’s original purpose was basically that of a lava lamp: stand there, look pretty, and change colors in weird ways. This wasn’t exactly satisfactory to him, so he did what he could to escape. Eventually he aided in a coup and got free by shooting his Keeper in the eye. The experience of seriously damaging someone who had it coming with a gun was so satisfying that he decided to keep with it.

Roy Gerard

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