Satyr Jake

summer court flunkie, flirtatious advice columnist


Jake is physically well rounded. He’s above average in everything, and he likes to run a lot. He also enjoys sex, waking up early, cooking, gardening and horticulture, and giving advice. He likes having work, maybe because otherwise he doesn’t know what to do with himself. He eats like a goat: that is to say, damn near anything and everything. Call it a high metabolism. That’s what he does.

He’s a pretty friendly guy, and is one of the main healers in the freehold because of his experience with plants of the Hedge variety. He also runs a radio show and an advice column, and actively tries to help newcomers when they come to him.


Jake doesn’t really remember his Durance, saying it was mostly eating a lot of enchanted grass that made you not want to leave. He often describes it as “some kinda Spirited Away shit, I dunno.” He overcame his desire, though, and made it here. A little while later, he found Skittish, and they became roommates.

They’re not anymore, though, because Jake was a little too loud and proud for Skittish to be able to handle properly. Jake now lives with Roy as well as Dana and Brynnie and Liam, forming the noisiest apartment in the whole damn freehold. Luckily somebody thought to soundproof the walls.

Satyr Jake

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