Toothy Sandra

chomp chomp.


In her Mask, Sandra Ramirez is a short Latina with a bit of an attitude. Noticeably athletic and spirited, Sandra spends a lot of her time scaring people. She’s surprisingly good at threatening, despite her stature, and at the beginning when people didn’t take her seriously, she made good on those threats. Needless to say people don’t generally call her on them anymore.

The mien of the one known as Toothy Sandra is a little more physically frightening. She’s still short, but when you see her smile you stop caring about her height. She’s got talons for nails and a scorpion tail that extends where her tailbone should be. Her hair is dark, bushy, and grows way faster than it really should. When she goes too long without getting it cut, she starts developing something of a mane.

She’s also got a pair of small, leathery wings to go with her tanned, leathery skin. Neither the tail nor the wings are functional. According to Sandra, she escaped before her wings grew in, and her Keeper broke her tail at the spine once she started stinging people with it. It still helps for the intimidation factor, though. Most impressive, though, is her teeth. Toothy Sandra’s mouth is lined with three rows of teeth that regrow quick as a shark’s. All this combined together helps her to be taken seriously, which works extremely well for someone who eats fear.

When she’s not hungry, Sandra is actually pretty alright. She likes watching horror movies and playing video games. She’s a little loud and rowdy, but she’s alright.


Sandra had been minding her own goddamn business while trying to survive as a teen in Los Angeles when she was abducted.

If you ever ask, she’ll tell you, “Manticores, man. Manticores. They’re assholes.” When she came back out of the Hedge, though, she had an awful lot of things in common with them. Sure, her scorpion tail doesn’t function or move, and she has to get haircuts twice as often as anybody else seems to, but she’s still got her claws and teeth to show for it. They’re like war medals.

She doesn’t talk about her Durance, though. Under no circumstances will she disclose anything, and some think she may have blocked it out of her memory.

Toothy Sandra

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