Crowley "Tox" Vaux

the noxious consensus: toxicity determines beauty


Crowley’s practically a giant at seven feet one inch tall, though he appears to be mostly skin and bones. His body is littered with tattoos and scars from where he’s let needles touch him and has had his skin torn apart by “scientists.” His skin is a sickly green, his hair is dark as an oil slick, and his teeth are sharp and horribly yellowed.

Frankly, Tox is disgusting, and he revels in it. He is a Blightbent, after all. Not that he’d know if Thornglow hadn’t told him. Then again, he wouldn’t know a lot of things about being a Changeling if his companion hadn’t explained them. That’s mostly because Tox doesn’t care.

Needless to say, if one needs any toxic or otherwise potentially dangerous substances, Crowley’s your boy.


Tox grew up in the back alleys of China and thrived when his family grew sick, but he doesn’t talk all that much about that. Matter of fact, his time in Arcadia is largely unknown, too. All anybody seems to know is that he was a living experiment and the only survivor of his captors. In Prince George, Canada, he came out of the Hedge, and it wasn’t all that long before he met Thornglow. The two decided they didn’t like the bullshit court politics that had entwined themselves in that freehold, and they eloped.

They jumped into the Hedge together, and they popped back out here. They’ve been here for about six months since.

Crowley "Tox" Vaux

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