Viola Nightingale

she's good at what she does


Viola plays the viola. It’s sort of her thing. It’s where she got her name, even. She’s very talented, and the Spring Court especially likes her because her melodies have a way about making people more open to things they may normally be opposed to. Everybody should have a little fun once in a while, at least. She fits right in with them.

She’s physically quite similar to Landon, though her eyes are violet. In her Mask, she appears to be albino. Interesting, then, that she ended up a Darkling.

She’s been known to flirt frequently, and is pretty decent at reading lips. Which is good, because she’s deaf. She often says that it’s easier to read lips with her own lips on them. It’s unknown how many, if any, people have taken her up on that. She says she just wants to make people happy, and that she does it out of that rather than her own inclinations.

Generally she’s pretty nice, though compared to the rest of the Court, she’s not really a risk taker.


Viola took her instrument back with her from Arcadia. That’s where she practiced her art the most, though she knew how to play beforehand. She’s something of a virtuoso. She doesn’t like to discuss it though.

Viola Nightingale

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