Viva la Vida

DJ Ötzal's Midnight Run: April 18, 2015
tragedy strikes again, but with hopeful undertones

Alright, listeners, best to just get this up and out of the way: Steele has… uh… passed away.

His body was retrieved and is being kept from the Prometheans. There’s no apparent cause of death, so the theory is that ghosts summoned by Katheryn did him in. Viola, Jake, and Sandra are all kind of a mess about it, since he was in their motley, so it’s advised to give them utmost sympathies.

Additionally, as a result of the Winter Court suffering a loss, Murmur has retired. She is getting fairly old, so I find that to be reasonable, all things considered. The, uh, the new Queen is… well, yours truly.

Fret not, though, listeners! I’ll be retaining my position as DJ Otzal in addition to running the Court. Murmur will be assuming the responsibilities in the Court vacated by Steele with a heavy heart.

I can’t say I’m thrilled about this being the way that I got to be where I am now, but… I’m honored to accept the position.

Let’s get you to some music, yeah?

DJ Ötzal's Midnight Run: April 11, 2015

[The broadcast is silent. No music plays during this time period.]

DJ Ötzal's Midnight Run: April 4, 2015
one down, i guess.

We got one of them. They got one of us.

We’re gonna lose a couple more before this scuffle with the Prometheans is over.

And, even better news! The worst is yet to come.

I’m sorry, I can’t—I can’t do this.

DJ Ötzal's Midnight Run: March 28, 2015
oh god oh god oh god oh god

So a lot happened this week.

Riley Silverscale was thrown out a window directly following a fight with a Promethean, which is some sort of undead shambling corpse thing, I’m not really sure.

Then they got kidnapped. So did Skittish. And they got dragged off to the Hedge for a while.

They were found, along with a rather large group of others, by Oleander and Elu, bless their souls. We love you guys.

And… Brynnie Bailev is no longer with us.

Something big is going down and I don’t think I’m equipped to report on it yet.

I guess all we can do for right now is grieve.

I’ll send you to the music now.

DJ Ötzal's Midnight Run: March 21, 2015
the revel was a blast

Hey there, everybody! I got to see—haha, that’s kind of a joke—a lot of you at the escapades today, but let’s give you a brief rundown of what happened for those that weren’t there. Liam placed first, Amy second, and Riley third in the competition for making people happy, and Dana won the other competition—I don’t recall the name—with a stunning timepiece that changes seasons as it moves! Oh, it was so cool. Uh, some other stuff happened, but that’s not really all that important.

Honestly, it’s nice to be able to enjoy ourselves, especially with some… things looming on the horizon. But I can’t say exactly what just yet.

Ominous, I know! Let’s just… get back to the music. I don’t really have anything else to talk about right now.

DJ Ötzal's Midnight Run: March 14, 2015
a lull in the events

Hello there, listeners.

Things are finally quiet again. There hasn’t been much going on at all this week.

The Spring Revel is coming up next week. You should try dressing up a bit and drop by. It’ll be at the Hedge Commons. There should be some pretty neat stuff going on. Lalonde will be judging any compositions made for the Revel, and there’s going to be little things going on to make sure everyone is happy. I’ve heard that the Spring Court wants to have some sort of pseudo-Secret Santa situation.

Well, I’m actually pretty relieved that things are chill right now. Let’s get in an extra song in tonight for some celebration.

DJ Ötzal's Midnight Run: March 7, 2015
when one door closes...

Hello there, listeners.

So for those of you that haven’t heard, we’ve finally gotten rid of all the vampires! There was a gigantic group of people that all worked together to get them off our tail, and now we don’t have to worry about them anymore. Though a few of the ones we were considering holding hostage have gone mysteriously missing.

It was pretty great, actually. A little over half the freehold was there, so if you’re listening to this, chances are you were either in the fight or live with somebody that was! I won’t go into much more detail just because they can tell you on their own for that same reason.

Now that that’s done, though, things are really starting to settle down. I mean, other than Skittish randomly losing his memory and the whole Men in Black vibe that we’ve got going on in the area. Suits, man. Suits. Don’t know why they’re here, but they’ve already left, so it’s probably best not to worry about it too much.

Things that we maybe should be worrying about: the air around my apartment has gotten really weirdly stale lately, so if somebody is using Contracts there, please do it somewhere else. But we did find Crypta. So there’s that.

You. Me. Music. Right now.

DJ Ötzal's Midnight Run: February 28, 2015
the winter market is tomorrow!

Hey, everybody. A reminder that the Winter Market is in less than twelve hours! Make sure you’ve got all your stuff collected so you can grab some sweet stuff.

Some of said sweet stuff are my fortunes! I’d love to give out as many as I can tomorrow, so if you drop by my booth and give me some of whatever it is you’ve got, I’ll do one of a few things. I know I’ll have my tarot and runes, and I’ll also bring along whatever else I think feels right when I’m leaving the house.

It’s looking like things are gonna get pretty busy soon, and then they’re gonna calm down for a bit again. It’s been a really hectic Winter, and I’d like to thank everybody for making it this far! We’ve all done a great job keeping everything in line. Man, I love this place. Wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Even if we’re on the brink of destruction. Which we’re totally not, by the way! Don’t worry about it. It’ll get figured out.

Time for some music!

DJ Ötzal's Midnight Run: February 21, 2015

Hey, listeners.

The Winter Market is approaching pretty quickly! Get your stuff together in preparation—you’ll want all the secrets and Hedge junk you can get your hands on in order to trade it for a bunch of neat stuff! Yours truly will be there, and you’ll be able to commission some tokens from Adarin too, I’m sure.

There’s been a guy going around talking to people a bit. I saw him discussing something with Skittish and I’m kind of suspicious. And I haven’t seen Crypta in a while… That’s rather odd. We do live together. If anyone has seen her around, let me know. I’ve had a couple of nightmares, so I’m a little worried.

There hasn’t been a whole lot else going on.

DJ Ötzal's Midnight Run: February 14, 2015
the results are in

Hey, listeners!

Summer in February went great. The results of the competition, for those who couldn’t attend, were as follows:

The Stamina competition saw Ollie besting Anna in the final moments, standing tall in spite of injuries and took more punches than anyone had expected her to be able to. The Strength competition had a similar result: another small changeling, this time Riley, took home the award. I’d describe it, but honestly, you had to be there. Elu had some frankly ridiculous jumps in the obstacle course, which netted her the win as well. Such a strong new presence this year.

The rest were fairly standard, though. Mikhail won the knife fight, Anna came out on top in the bare knuckled brawl, Adarin won the ice skating swordfight—which, might I add, is a very impressive feat, Murmur won in reflexes, and Jake consumed the most in the eating contest. Congratulations to the winners! For those unaware, if you won a contest, you can show the golden snowflake you received to me at the Winter Market and receive a free fortune telling from yours truly. Several other merchants will do the same, so be sure you remember to bring it! It may be prudent to just wear it. It is pretty cool.

As you well know, this broadcast marks the wrapping up of St. Valentine’s Day. It’s been quite a day. Amy has been doing some themed drinks today, and some within the Spring Court have been very busy trying to help people with their desires.

Speaking of which, it appears our dear Lalonde is rather resigned about something. Someone… should probably talk to him. I’m concerned.

That said, let’s brighten the mood a little with some music.


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