Viva la Vida

DJ Ötzal's Midnight Run: January 10, 2015
there's new blood in town

What a fine night it is tonight, listeners, especially for the latest news about our little freehold and its members. I’ll be touching on larger news later on, for those that are new, but I always like to start off with the latest from our very own. I’m sorry if you feel this is too personal—I can’t help what I see!

Ah, how nice it is tonight. My studio is chilled to perfection, though I hope if you’re so inclined, that you’re capable of staying warm. Ah, speaking of warm, we seem to have a new Brewer in town. And what a sight he is! I’m sorry, Amy, but there’s really nothing that can compare to the Fairest. Oh, how we’ve met with such a windfall of beautiful people lately. First Thornglow something like six months ago, then three months ago we found Skittish, and then Riley at the turning of Winter, sweet Winter, and now we also have Liam among our ranks. I do hope we can handle it all without fainting.

Though… it would be nice to see some more explicitly female Fairest, if I’m honest. Both of our most recent additions are so kind, though. Liam prepared a drink that I actually enjoyed.

Riley and Skittish seem to be getting along well. It’s good to see roommates that don’t fight. We have so many that do… I’d like to take this moment to thank Crypta for practically never being around in the first place, so arguments never happen at all. Not that we’d argue much anyway. You’re a dear, Crypta. I’m sorry I’ve addressed you on the air again—I know I said I was going to stop, but I forgot, what with all the news there is to report.

Ah, yes! I’d almost forgotten. Our dearest Queen of Wrath, Terra, found a new changeling as well while on her way to the mall with some of her closest friends, Anna, Mikhail, and Cygnus. She brought her over to Hungry Tatarind Lalonde and Viola, and things seem to be going well! Elu seems suspicious, but extremely well-meaning. I hope we’ll meet soon, Elu!

Bucky and Maggie went out and grabbed some goblin fruits from the Hedge recently. Hopefully this will mean good things for us, as we do know that Maggie is quite talented at healing when she needs to.

Sandra seems like she should probably be left alone for a while. I will take the fall for this one. I was severely late to our planned outing, and that is one hundred percent my bad. I’m sorry.

On an unrelated note, what has been up with Landon lately? Does anyone know? He’s been wandering the Hedge an awful lot. Maybe he’s looking for the others that I’ve seen. Who knows? Landon is a mystery.

I’ll leave you with that. Stay tuned for sweet tunes and some local news! I’ll see you in a few.

DJ Ötzal's Midnight Run: January 17, 2015
an event on the horizon

Oh, listeners, listeners! I’m excited to inform you of the upcoming Winter Formal. It’s in two days! Just two days, listeners! Oh, I love Winter Formal. For those unacquainted, all attendees have their identities masked thoroughly, even allowing them to overcome their disabilities for the sake of anonymity. It’s a great place to pick up gossip and socialize. I love it. That’s in two days, on Monday the nineteenth starting at seven pm.

Anyway, sorry. I got a bit excited. You’ve tuned in for the news, and the news I shall provide.

We’ve got another member added into our cozy freehold! Oleander appears as an adult, but she’s been having quite a hard time making heads or tails of things so far. Go easy on her, please. Oh, also… according to this note I’ve been provided, those interested in helping her receive a further education past that of… kindergarden… should contact Hungry Tatarind Lalonde. Interesting. It’s said he was one of those to find her, along with Amy and two new initiates into the Spring Court.

Speaking of initiates… congratulations to Riley and Liam, though I think it’s tragic that it was Spring and not Winter you were fated for. It seems so many of my friends end up in the Court of desire. I’m getting lonely.

Ha! Oh, that’s fun. Jokes. I do like having friends, but I don’t expect you to join Winter. And if you did, I don’t imagine we’d be particularly close for very long!


Looks like Elu is being showed around by Toothy Sandra. That sounds like fun!

Murmur has been kind of scarce recently. Not that it’s entirely unheard of. She’ll probably be back by Winter Formal.

While she’s gone, though… Bucky, if you’d like to come over and slam my oven door while I play the trumpet and we wear sunglasses, I’d highly suggest it.

For those unaware, I present to you: “When Mom Isn’t Home.”

I’m aware it originated from a video, but now you all know how I’ve experienced this meme. Without visuals.

Anyway, on that note, let’s get you back to the music, and then I’ll take you to larger local news after the break!

DJ Ötzal's Midnight Run: January 24, 2015
the end to an eventful week

Hey, there, listeners. Sorry if I sound a little winded. I was having an excellent chat at the Angry Phial and lost track of time. Oleander is starting to learn multiplication and is doing quite well.

Dana and Brynnie have been having some fights. Oh, say it isn’t so! One of the greatest friendships in the freehold… brought down by a relationship? Apparently Brynnie and Liam, though they’ve only just started dating at the Winter Formal, are already quite close. One can only hope that the hosts of the Harpy Hour will make amends and remain close as they have for so long. I’d hate to see a relationship like that fall because of being at odds over dating someone.

There’s a bit of an issue coming up in the freehold that doesn’t just concern interpersonal interactions, though. Apparently there were vampires at the Winter Formal, and at this point in time, they’re out for the blood of some of our newest cherished members. It may be prudent to try to make certain that you’ve got your Hollows and apartments well-protected, just in case their focus changes. The Summer Court assures me that they’ll take care of the situation if they’re called upon, though, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Just exercise caution.

Elu is on at the Angry Phial now! She should be integrating sometime soon with some more of the freehold, which will be very nice. I look forward to it!

That’s been most of the week as it’s been told to me and as I’ve experienced it, so I’m going to hope very hard that next week perhaps has a little less going on so I don’t worry I’ve forgotten something.

Oh, one last thing… Hungry Tatarind Lalonde has been having some problems lately with feeling as though he’s being followed. I’m not sure what that’s about, as I haven’t received any visions about it, but… if you’re interested in helping him out, I’d contact him as soon as possible.

Anyway, on to the music!

DJ Ötzal's Midnight Run: January 31, 2015
a bad moon on the rise

Hey, listeners. Not much to report tonight. Well, there’s enough, but not too much, anyway.

Just when we thought our vampire problems were solved following Sunday’s showdown at Nickel’s Arcade, they rear their ugly head once more. What is it with vampires and meeting up on Sundays? We’ll have to see how this all pans out, but I’ve been informed reliably that the situation should be well and handled by those involved, which happens to be the two at the epicenter of all this business (Skittish and Riley for those uninformed) as well as our dear newest initiates Elu and Ollie. Apparently Jake, Dana, and Terra are all accompanying them as well for various reasons.

Speaking of which, Jake seems to be teaching Ollie all about the fruits in the Hedge. Do we have another healer on our hands? I certainly hope so. Given all the conflict that’s arisen lately, we could use the help. Rumor has it she’s been picking up a few secrets for Murmur as well, though I can’t really blame people for letting them slip around her. What a cutie.

That’s all we’ve got for this week, folks. It’s been kind of rough, but hopefully things will start clearing up pretty quick. Look forward to Summer in February coming up very soon! I’ll cover that next week, though.

Well, I’ll be back in a few! In the meantime I’ll hook you up with some tunes.

DJ Ötzal's Midnight Run: February 7, 2015
it's almost summer

Dearest Freehold, it would seem that our problems with other supernatural creatures are not yet over. There was interest shown in amnesty for one of the vampires, and as soon as there was an agreed arrangement, there was an attack on his person. How unfortunate. It seems there’s no end to these troubles. Thankfully, through some applied pocket sand and effective timing, we have two less vampires to worry about, and we have a new addition to the Freehold. Say hello to Chris if you get the chance. And be nice.

Summer in February is taking place on Wednesday. I think there’s going to be some underdogs winning this year! Certainly there are going to be some unexpected results. Those who have been holding titles for quite some time may want to get in some extra practice before the event.

I think that’s all for now, though… it would be prudent to ask. If any of you have any information on the mysterious Changeling that people seem to keep seeing around, let me know? Please?

Anyway, off to the music with you!

DJ Ötzal's Midnight Run: February 14, 2015
the results are in

Hey, listeners!

Summer in February went great. The results of the competition, for those who couldn’t attend, were as follows:

The Stamina competition saw Ollie besting Anna in the final moments, standing tall in spite of injuries and took more punches than anyone had expected her to be able to. The Strength competition had a similar result: another small changeling, this time Riley, took home the award. I’d describe it, but honestly, you had to be there. Elu had some frankly ridiculous jumps in the obstacle course, which netted her the win as well. Such a strong new presence this year.

The rest were fairly standard, though. Mikhail won the knife fight, Anna came out on top in the bare knuckled brawl, Adarin won the ice skating swordfight—which, might I add, is a very impressive feat, Murmur won in reflexes, and Jake consumed the most in the eating contest. Congratulations to the winners! For those unaware, if you won a contest, you can show the golden snowflake you received to me at the Winter Market and receive a free fortune telling from yours truly. Several other merchants will do the same, so be sure you remember to bring it! It may be prudent to just wear it. It is pretty cool.

As you well know, this broadcast marks the wrapping up of St. Valentine’s Day. It’s been quite a day. Amy has been doing some themed drinks today, and some within the Spring Court have been very busy trying to help people with their desires.

Speaking of which, it appears our dear Lalonde is rather resigned about something. Someone… should probably talk to him. I’m concerned.

That said, let’s brighten the mood a little with some music.

DJ Ötzal's Midnight Run: February 21, 2015

Hey, listeners.

The Winter Market is approaching pretty quickly! Get your stuff together in preparation—you’ll want all the secrets and Hedge junk you can get your hands on in order to trade it for a bunch of neat stuff! Yours truly will be there, and you’ll be able to commission some tokens from Adarin too, I’m sure.

There’s been a guy going around talking to people a bit. I saw him discussing something with Skittish and I’m kind of suspicious. And I haven’t seen Crypta in a while… That’s rather odd. We do live together. If anyone has seen her around, let me know. I’ve had a couple of nightmares, so I’m a little worried.

There hasn’t been a whole lot else going on.

DJ Ötzal's Midnight Run: February 28, 2015
the winter market is tomorrow!

Hey, everybody. A reminder that the Winter Market is in less than twelve hours! Make sure you’ve got all your stuff collected so you can grab some sweet stuff.

Some of said sweet stuff are my fortunes! I’d love to give out as many as I can tomorrow, so if you drop by my booth and give me some of whatever it is you’ve got, I’ll do one of a few things. I know I’ll have my tarot and runes, and I’ll also bring along whatever else I think feels right when I’m leaving the house.

It’s looking like things are gonna get pretty busy soon, and then they’re gonna calm down for a bit again. It’s been a really hectic Winter, and I’d like to thank everybody for making it this far! We’ve all done a great job keeping everything in line. Man, I love this place. Wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Even if we’re on the brink of destruction. Which we’re totally not, by the way! Don’t worry about it. It’ll get figured out.

Time for some music!

DJ Ötzal's Midnight Run: March 7, 2015
when one door closes...

Hello there, listeners.

So for those of you that haven’t heard, we’ve finally gotten rid of all the vampires! There was a gigantic group of people that all worked together to get them off our tail, and now we don’t have to worry about them anymore. Though a few of the ones we were considering holding hostage have gone mysteriously missing.

It was pretty great, actually. A little over half the freehold was there, so if you’re listening to this, chances are you were either in the fight or live with somebody that was! I won’t go into much more detail just because they can tell you on their own for that same reason.

Now that that’s done, though, things are really starting to settle down. I mean, other than Skittish randomly losing his memory and the whole Men in Black vibe that we’ve got going on in the area. Suits, man. Suits. Don’t know why they’re here, but they’ve already left, so it’s probably best not to worry about it too much.

Things that we maybe should be worrying about: the air around my apartment has gotten really weirdly stale lately, so if somebody is using Contracts there, please do it somewhere else. But we did find Crypta. So there’s that.

You. Me. Music. Right now.

DJ Ötzal's Midnight Run: March 14, 2015
a lull in the events

Hello there, listeners.

Things are finally quiet again. There hasn’t been much going on at all this week.

The Spring Revel is coming up next week. You should try dressing up a bit and drop by. It’ll be at the Hedge Commons. There should be some pretty neat stuff going on. Lalonde will be judging any compositions made for the Revel, and there’s going to be little things going on to make sure everyone is happy. I’ve heard that the Spring Court wants to have some sort of pseudo-Secret Santa situation.

Well, I’m actually pretty relieved that things are chill right now. Let’s get in an extra song in tonight for some celebration.


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