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  • Spring Court

    !(media-item-align-none)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/300113/Court_spring.png?1393305411(Court_spring.png)! King: [[:hungry-tatarind-lalonde | Hungry Tatarind Lalonde]] Other Members of Note: [[:amy-champagne | Amy Champagne]], [[:dana- …

  • Viola Nightingale

    Viola took her instrument back with her from Arcadia. That's where she practiced her art the most, though she knew how to play beforehand. She's something of a virtuoso. She doesn't like to discuss it though.

  • Amy Champagne

    Amy was at a party when she was taken. She didn't have any idea where she was going with her life. She was doing alright in her courses at college, but she didn't have any direction. But she was good at mixing drinks, and that was what was important, …

  • Nathan

    Nathan doesn't remember much other than being a lap dog that was occasionally forced to hunt other changelings. Eventually, difficult as it was, he turned on his Keeper and fled.

  • Dana Darling

    Dana took on her name because it was all she remembered of her life before Arcadia. When her mother would call, "Dana, darling, can you wash the dishes?" she would get up and she would wash the dishes. This was the only memory she had of home, and as such …

  • Riley Silverscale

    Riley could be described as something of a pleasant enigma within the Crimson Table. One of the newest Changelings in the area, Riley made a memorable appearance during the last Winter’s Crowning, appearing from the Hedge in an almost feral state. A …