Alright, greenhorns. Let’s get this show on the road. Let’s teach you how to fight.

First, you roll initiative. This is pretty standard for tabletops. You roll your Initiative (which is Dexterity + Composure, for those of you who forgot). If you roll best, you go first. It’s that simple.

When you start fighting, first you gotta pick what you’re fighting with. Fists/legs, guns, and other weapons (be they melee or otherwise) are all valid options.

Generally speaking, Strength is rolled with Brawl (which is fist-fighting) and Weaponry (when it’s for melee weapons) and Dexterity is rolled with Firearms (guns and bows) and Athletics (when they’re thrown weapons like knives). This forms your dice pool.

Now you look at your weapon. You get to add bonus dice based on your weapon (say it says 6L—that means you get to add 6 dice to your pool) or the circumstances (some Contracts can change things up a bit). You also have to subtract for Defense (unless you’re using a gun or a bow) and armor (regardless of what you’re using) and maybe even bad circumstances. What you’ve got left is your dice pool for attacks.

You roll, and every success you get is a hit you have on the other guy. If your weapon has a “B” next to the amount you add, it’s bashing damage. “L” is for lethal, and “A” is for aggravated. Bashing damage is generally stuff you can heal in a couple days—bruises and stuff. Lethal damage is gunshot wounds, bigger lacerations, and all that stuff. Aggravated is the kind of shit you’re going to the hospital for.

Bashing damage is represented by a / on your character sheet in your health boxes if you take it. Lethal is a X, and Aggravated is a * (as in, put a + in your X). When you get damaged further, you always bump up the first box to the highest form of damage (bashing to lethal, lethal to aggravated, or bashing to aggravated) and then move the one you just bumped up to the right. If your Health fills up with bashing, you’re gonna be a bit wobbly. If you fill up with lethal, you’re bleeding and unconscious. If it fills up with aggravated, it’s game over, buddy.

I think that’s all I’ve got for you for now.


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