Dice Pool

When you want to do something complicated that involves some degree of failure, you make a roll. This is pretty standard for tabletop RPGs.

Since this is a White Wolf system, we only use 10-sided dice here. You gather up an amount of dice equal to two of your stats put together (these stats are determined by the Storyteller based on the situation) and you roll them.

On an 8, 9, or 0 (which is shorthand on some dice for 10) you roll a success! You total up the amount of 8s, 9s, and 0s that you have, and some you’ll get to reroll for added successes. These are sometimes called “cascading” or “exploding” dice, because they result in more dice being rolled for more successes (maybe).

If you don’t get the amount of successes required by the roll, unfortunately, you fail the roll. Usually, nothing happens. Or something bad happens. It really depends on how polarized the situation is at present. If you roll equal to or in excess of the amount of successes you require, you succeed! You get to do whatever it was you were trying to do. If you get more than 5 more successes required than necessary, you have an exceptional success (which sometimes gives you additional bonuses, better stuff, etc).

Sometimes, modifiers can reduce you to no dice at all. In this case, you still get to roll a single “chance” die. If you get a 10 on this roll, you still get a success. Sometimes, this is enough. 10s usually explode, so this means you’ll get to roll it again. If you get another 10, you get another success! However, if on a chance roll, you get a 1, you suffer from Dramatic Failure, which is basically the worst thing that can happen to you in any given situation. Generally speaking, something that is decidedly NOT what you wanted to happen happens.

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Dice Pool

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