The mien of a Changeling is the physical fae appearance—that is, the supernatural with strange traits that could not pass as a human in normal society.

The physical changes made to the Lost are impressive-looking, but not radical. Though a Beast may have claws and fangs, they aren’t powerful enough to inflict lethal damage. A Fireheart’s flaming hair doesn’t burn objects held over his head or set off smoke detectors. However, the minor alterations made to a changeling’s body aren’t entirely cosmetic. Each changeling gains a free Specialty either to Athletics, Brawl or Stealth rolls (chosen at character creation) to represent these small physical changes. These physical aspects can affect the mortal world, of course, even if humans don’t see the true cause. The elongated nails of a Hunterheart may do additional damage when he rakes with his talons, but his human victim thinks he’s attacked by a lunatic with sharp nails rather than a beast-man with actual claws. A Snowskin’s flesh feels cold as ice, but her lover assumes she must simply have poor circulation. Even as the Stonebones’ child runs her fingers across her father’s horns, she thinks of herself as merely caressing his brow — a blindness that can hurt her father deeply.

Membership in a Court or an entitlement can further change a character’s mien, adding mystical trappings that reflect the mystical bonds of their allegiance. These trappings are creations of Wyrd alone, and do not have a physical manifestation for the most part.

As the changeling’s Wyrd rises, though, the elements of his mien begin to leak through the Mask. A powerful Winter Court changeling who carries an aura of cold around him sends chills down the spines of nearby humans and may lower the temperature of his immediate area by a few degrees. While this still doesn’t increase the changeling’s seeming or kith qualities into supernatural prowess, it does make it a bit more difficult to walk among humans without drawing notice.


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