Radio Free Fae Ann Arbor

A fine mix of pop, alternative, and classic rock, peppered with newer hits and the occasional foreign band. Other undertones depend on the DJ, when there’s one in the studio.

Broadcast Times:

9 pm – 10 pm: Grimoire with Cinnabar
Creepy bedtime stories, supplemented by Cinnabar’s own crackling flames as background noise. Orchestral music between shorter stories.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
2 pm – 3 pm: Harpy Hour
Dana and Brynnie talk about social events coming up and give “constructive criticism” about mortals in the area. Joined by Thornglow on Fridays.

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday
6 am – 7 am: Satyr Jake and the Breakfast Crew
Peppy music to get you up in the morning, with the occasional spot of cooking-related advice for those Fae who don’t know how to make anything.

11 pm – 3 am: DJ Ötzal’s Midnight Run
The news of the week, gossip, and other assorted things, then replayed until the next Saturday every day at the same time. If you want news, you listen to Ötzal, no questions asked. Music tends toward minor keys and slower tempos.

Radio Free Fae Ann Arbor

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