The Angry Phial

Amy Champagne’s Bar & Club


Mon-Fri 11 am – 12 am
Sat 12 pm – 3 am
Sun 1 pm – 12 am

Closed on Court Celebration Days

The Angry Phial is located in the back of any bar in Ann Arbor you can think of. Amy has made sure that if a Changeling knocks six times on an “Employees Only” door, it’ll open to The Angry Phial. The bar itself is probably located in the Hedge. No one really seems to know or care. They know it serves good booze for little money, and that’s all they need.

The bar has two floors—the first with a bar, tables, and a dance floor frequented by Spring courtiers, and the second with rooms for the workers as well as a few if you’d like to engage in more… private activities. She charges a small fee, but it’s negligible compared to the embarrassment of running out of the bar half-naked with your “friend” and finding yourself in an alleyway close to the abandoned elementary school in front of everyone in existence—possibly even your own Keeper. She’ll even wash your clothes for you if you spend the night.

Many new Changelings to The Crimson Table end up working for Amy until they can land a better job. It’s honest work, and they get free room and board until they can figure out what they’re doing.

The Angry Phial is best known for its namesake beverage, inspired by a former Summer courtier, which burns like hell going down and sets a fire in your belly. Most mixed drinks can be made on request, and Amy has invented more than a few.

The Angry Phial

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