Viva la Vida

DJ Ötzal's Midnight Run: February 14, 2015

the results are in

Hey, listeners!

Summer in February went great. The results of the competition, for those who couldn’t attend, were as follows:

The Stamina competition saw Ollie besting Anna in the final moments, standing tall in spite of injuries and took more punches than anyone had expected her to be able to. The Strength competition had a similar result: another small changeling, this time Riley, took home the award. I’d describe it, but honestly, you had to be there. Elu had some frankly ridiculous jumps in the obstacle course, which netted her the win as well. Such a strong new presence this year.

The rest were fairly standard, though. Mikhail won the knife fight, Anna came out on top in the bare knuckled brawl, Adarin won the ice skating swordfight—which, might I add, is a very impressive feat, Murmur won in reflexes, and Jake consumed the most in the eating contest. Congratulations to the winners! For those unaware, if you won a contest, you can show the golden snowflake you received to me at the Winter Market and receive a free fortune telling from yours truly. Several other merchants will do the same, so be sure you remember to bring it! It may be prudent to just wear it. It is pretty cool.

As you well know, this broadcast marks the wrapping up of St. Valentine’s Day. It’s been quite a day. Amy has been doing some themed drinks today, and some within the Spring Court have been very busy trying to help people with their desires.

Speaking of which, it appears our dear Lalonde is rather resigned about something. Someone… should probably talk to him. I’m concerned.

That said, let’s brighten the mood a little with some music.



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