Viva la Vida

DJ Ötzal's Midnight Run: February 7, 2015

it's almost summer

Dearest Freehold, it would seem that our problems with other supernatural creatures are not yet over. There was interest shown in amnesty for one of the vampires, and as soon as there was an agreed arrangement, there was an attack on his person. How unfortunate. It seems there’s no end to these troubles. Thankfully, through some applied pocket sand and effective timing, we have two less vampires to worry about, and we have a new addition to the Freehold. Say hello to Chris if you get the chance. And be nice.

Summer in February is taking place on Wednesday. I think there’s going to be some underdogs winning this year! Certainly there are going to be some unexpected results. Those who have been holding titles for quite some time may want to get in some extra practice before the event.

I think that’s all for now, though… it would be prudent to ask. If any of you have any information on the mysterious Changeling that people seem to keep seeing around, let me know? Please?

Anyway, off to the music with you!



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