the former autumn king


Adarin is known throughout the Crimson Table as a “pretty strong dude.” Given that he has metal arms, this isn’t surprising. Everything below his shoulders is made entirely of what appears to be copper.

The Autumn King loves making things, especially tokens, so if people want things made, he’s generally their go-to. He enjoys studying magic as well, and is scarily good with weaponry. Then again, he’s a smith. It’s only practical that he should be able to use anything he creates.

He’s generally quiet, but keeps a close eye on the community and its needs. Chances are, if somebody’s complained about something, Adarin will have something for them to take care of it within the next month or so.

He went missing in May and has been contacted since but is supernaturally barred from re-entry to the city of Ann Arbor.


Adarin has been in the Crimson Table for a long time. Nobody really knows what happened before that.


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