Brynnie Bailev

the real girl on fire


Brynnie is a people watcher. She loves to look at others and observe why they do what they do. Her memory is perfect, as is her self esteem. She treats herself like a queen. And, as a Fairest, some others do, too. The fact that she’s the allure of flame incarnate sure helps.

Of course, in her Mask, she’s a particularly attractive redhead with bushy curls and freckles that can still command some respect, but that’s not important.

Brynnie loves fashion above all else. It’s her passion, even if she isn’t all that good at sewing anything herself. She loves figuring things out with others, and she’s a social creature by nature. When she’s been ignored for too long she starts to dwindle.

Some like to avoid her because she calls them how she sees them. She literally can’t lie, at least, not convincingly. The Spring Court has no such qualms.


Brynnie remembers being on fire as she was forced to dance and pose for guests. Said it made the aesthetic better. She doesn’t remember anything else, or how she escaped, and doesn’t really care to.

Brynnie Bailev

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