Cygnus Cross

star light, star bright


Cygnus is an incredibly beautiful being made of starlight and dreams. If you think this is a joke, you haven’t seen him yet. He’s very well composed and intelligent, and remembers almost everything he hears. He picks up trivia all over the place, and he rarely forgets it. He’s not always quick-witted, though. Cygnus is a bit of the absent-minded professor type.

He especially likes to study the stars, though it reminds him of his Durance. He seems weirdly okay with that, which is interesting.

Cygnus is also quite veiled regarding his emotions and doesn’t like to talk about them much.


Cygnus doesn’t remember his Durance hardly at all. All he remembers is the stars reaching down and kissing his skin, scalding it, burning the constellations into patterns in his hair. But all that considered, he seems alright with things as they are.

Cygnus Cross

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