Landon Kendrick

the mystery man


Compared to all the other changelings in the Crimson Table, especially those in the Autumn Court, Landon seems… weirdly well-adjusted. He’s polite, but not overly so, he helps out others when he can, but not at his own expense, and he just generally seems like a pretty chill dude.

He is definitely hiding something.

As a Darkling, Landon has dark greyish skin and stark white hair. Even in his Mask his hair is silvery, giving him a sort of Anderson Cooper feel. His eyes are dark blue. He’s of a medum height and build—nothing special, physically speaking, though he is pretty good-looking.

His personality is an enigma. Maybe he’s in the Autumn Court because it kinda freaks people out. Regardless, he seems pretty chill, anyway, though keeping distance might be advised.


Nothing is known of Landon’s past. Period. He showed up at the Crimson Table a few years ago and has been sort of keeping to himself since.

Recently he’s started frequenting The Angry Phial an awful lot.

Landon Kendrick

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