former monarch of the silent arrow


Murmur deals in secrets. They’re their own kind of currency for her. She is incredibly powerful, incredibly good at staying hidden, and incredibly good at prying even the most veiled knowledge out of people. She has a myriad of talents, and uses them to her advantage whenever possible.

She’s also stone cold and will shut down any attempts to get secrets out of her without the right price, usually a secret or two for her own collection. Rumor has it that she gives them tangible form and hides them in her Hollow.

This can, of course, be neither confirmed nor denied, as she won’t tell anyone either way.

No matter which way you slice it, she’s very powerful, quite old, and likes the Winter Market a little too much.


Murmur and Hungry Tatarind Lalonde joined the Crimson Table around the same time and have been close friends ever since. Before that, she escaped by telling the doors to her prison what she’d found out about her Keeper, and they opened wide for her. Things like that make it very difficult to leave secrets behind.

People from all over the freehold—and some from outside it—come to her for her knowledge, but not all receive it. It takes a very special sort to get anything out of her.


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