Rook Weiss



Rook looks a little too much like a chess piece. He’s short and kind of squat, with spiked white hair that stands straight up off his head. It’s rare that you see him move in anything that’s not a cardinal direction—he’d rather move to the side and then forward than diagonally. He wears all white, usually a button up or something.

He’s moderately intelligent, but his biggest use to the Summer Court has always been his quick thinking. He’s very fast, mentally speaking, and it shows when he plays games of skill. He’s got a chessboard that he always seems to have with him in a bag. Nobody knows why, since at this point everyone knows better than to play chess with him.


It may be surprising to learn that during his Durance, Rook Weiss was one of the white rooks in a gigantic chess game. Crazy, innit. The catch was that the pieces were allowed to move on their own, as long as they followed the rules for their type. At first, Rook was taken a lot. And being taken hurt.

His superior knowledge of chess came into being as he watched the pieces move, and eventually in a game he took the black queen. Then he ran off the board and his keeper was too shocked to do anything about it. He bought his chessboard from a hob, and the rest is history.

Rook Weiss

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