don't make any loud noises or sudden movements


Skittish is, well, skittish. He speaks in resonant tones, and his stature implies that he was once looked to for inspiration in writing and painting, but he flinches at loud noises and quick touches, so it will be some time before he is ready for large groups to look at him again.

He has clear, wide blue eyes, and is tall and scant. He’s quite good at sprinting, though his spindly form leaves something to be desired in the strength department. His hair is dark, and falls to the middle of his neck in thick curls. His face is slightly angular and open, and his clothing holds remnants of what was once something grand. His ears are slightly pointed, and his nose perhaps a bit too sharp to be human. His Mask looks nearly identical, though it is far less spectacular.

Skitt loves hot drinks, quiet company, and music that he can dance to. When he does, one might think he was a Dancer rather than a Muse, for it can turn the staunchest of hearts soft.

He prefers the company of Darklings and Wizened, but will not turn down a friendly Beast or Elemental should they approach him quietly with a hand outstretched. He is frightened by the petty cruelty of other Fairest (though he contains a glimmer of it himself, and perhaps this is why he is frightened) and the bone-crushing magnitude of Ogres, but does not hate them and would not force them away were they to attempt to befriend him.

At least, that’s how things used to be. They’re starting to change now.


No one really seems to know where Skitt is from. We know that Satyr Jake found him wandering around the freehold one day, and we know he was named because he was so jumpy and couldn’t remember what he was called. Even Skitt doesn’t seem to remember, or at least he tries not to. In fact, very little is known about Skitt at all.

What we do know is that he’s had it hard. Thomas Thornglow has said they had the same Keeper, though they were kept for vastly different purposes. The difference between them is that while the Hedge hardened Thornglow, Skitt has gained a particularly vicious aversion to hobs and goblin markets. He’s been known to act strangely in the presence of vampires, as well, and can tell them from a human in an instant. We know he’s been through some shit, and it was probably some kind of abuse beyond his time in Arcadia, but he won’t say what it was.

Recently he’s elected to join the Autumn Court to face those fears.


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