believe what you see


Sybill’s most distinguishing article of clothing is her pale blue blindfold. One might wonder why she wears it—and, certainly, in her Mask it appears as a pair of sunglasses. The answer is that her eyes are missing. It’s just easier to hide them entirely and not have any questions.

That’s not to say she’s completely incapacitated. She can still see things when one of her visions overlaps with the situation at hand. But her visions aren’t always accurate. Don’t tell her that, though. A lot of what she discerns is based on her knowledge of others. She knows the community very well.

Her hair is stark white, and she’s incredibly thin. Like a twig, practically. Very fragile. But she’s good at hiding, and she’s good at having a support network. She knows people that will help her get out if things go sour. She’s also pretty good at getting people to cool it, and seeing their emotions—especially their sorrows. She’s also quite good at getting people to trust her.


When she was in Arcadia, Sybill was made into a seer for her Keeper. Her eyes were forcibly removed so she could better have visions of the future, and she was placed in isolation until she had her first vision. It was of her escape. At that point Sybill began to hatch a plan.

When her second sight finally developed, she began feeding her Keeper false information. Not so false it was obvious, but enough to make their life worse. They continued to trust her more and more, and eventually it got them stuck in the Hedge in enemy territory.

Then Sybill ran.

Her vision of the midnight run was the only reason she got out in one piece, and her feet took her straight here. She’s been here since, making friends and making sure she knows exactly what is going on at any time. They’ll never catch her off guard again.


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