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  • Darkling

    [[Seeming | Seemings]] [[Beast | < Beast]] = Darkling = [[Elemental | Elemental >]] [TL;DR] Seeming Contracts: [[Darkness]], [[Shade and Spirit | Shade & Spirit]] Blessing: [[10 Again | 9 Again]] on [[Stealth]] rolls, [[Glamour]] can be used to …

  • Murmur

    Murmur and [[:hungry-tatarind-lalonde | Hungry Tatarind Lalonde]] joined the Crimson Table around the same time and have been close friends ever since. Before that, she escaped by telling the doors to her prison what she'd found out about her Keeper, and …

  • Viola Nightingale

    Viola took her instrument back with her from Arcadia. That's where she practiced her art the most, though she knew how to play beforehand. She's something of a virtuoso. She doesn't like to discuss it though.

  • Mikhail

    Since nobody currently in the Crimson Table speaks Russian, Mikhail's past is currently a mystery. Some people think he might not even be Russian. That's just the sort of the thing the fae do.

  • Landon Kendrick

    Nothing is known of Landon's past. Period. He showed up at the Crimson Table a few years ago and has been sort of keeping to himself since. Recently he's started frequenting [[The Angry Phial]] an awful lot.