Tag: deceased


  • Nathan

    Nathan doesn't remember much other than being a lap dog that was occasionally forced to hunt other changelings. Eventually, difficult as it was, he turned on his Keeper and fled.

  • Anna

    Anna had to fight her way through her Durance. She was pitted against other changelings, sometimes friends, sometimes people she hardly knew, some as strong as her, most weaker. She fought, but she never killed. It wasn't in her nature. Sure, they always …

  • Landon Kendrick

    Nothing is known of Landon's past. Period. He showed up at the Crimson Table a few years ago and has been sort of keeping to himself since. Recently he's started frequenting [[The Angry Phial]] an awful lot.

  • Reginald

    Reginald's backstory is mostly irrelevant to non-vampires. All that they really need to know is this: He caught Skittish. He sired [[:chris | Chris]]. He lost Skittish. He fought with [[:riley-silverscale | Riley Silverscale]] over Skittish's …