Tag: winter court


  • Murmur

    Murmur and [[:hungry-tatarind-lalonde | Hungry Tatarind Lalonde]] joined the Crimson Table around the same time and have been close friends ever since. Before that, she escaped by telling the doors to her prison what she'd found out about her Keeper, and …

  • Sybill

    When she was in Arcadia, Sybill was made into a seer for her Keeper. Her eyes were forcibly removed so she could better have visions of the future, and she was placed in isolation until she had her first vision. It was of her escape. At that point Sybill …

  • Cygnus Cross

    Cygnus doesn't remember his Durance hardly at all. All he remembers is the stars reaching down and kissing his skin, scalding it, burning the constellations into patterns in his hair. But all that considered, he seems alright with things as they are.

  • Bucky Eisolt

    Where [[:nathan | Nathan]] was a hunter, Bucky was the hunted. He spent his days running through the woods and hiding before he found a discarded bow and arrows, and it was then that his journey to be both excellent at hiding and at defending began. It …