Academics is a broad-based Skill that represents a character’s degree of higher education and general knowledge in the Arts and Humanities — everything from English to history, economics, to law. Dots in this Skill do not directly correlate to a given level of education. Your character could have entered a doctorate program but spent more time partying than studying, resulting in low dots. Conversely, a self-taught individual who read voraciously and studied intensively could have high dots without ever earning a diploma.

Possessed by: College graduates, executives, lawyers, librarians, scholars, and students.

Specialties: Anthropology, Art, English, History, Law, Religion, and Research.

Dramatic Failure: Your character fails to remember crucial facts, incorrectly informing his actions. A character with a history background may remember an incorrect set of dates that completely alters his theory on a certain event, or a former art student might incorrectly identify a painting as a worthless copy instead of a priceless original.

Failure: Your character is unable to summon the necessary information. It’s on the tip of his tongue, but the name, date or reference eludes him.

Success: Your character is able to summon the necessary knowledge to serve his needs.

Exceptional Success: Your character recalls or knows especially obscure or detailed facts that give him additional insight into the matter at hand. She not only identifies a particular work of art but recalls that the artist was renowned for his fascination with demons and the occult.


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