Athletics encompasses a broad category of physical training, from rock climbing to kayaking to professional sports such as football or hockey. The Athletics Skill can be applied to any action that requires prolonged physical exertion or that demands considerable agility or handeye coordination. Examples include climbing a high wall, marching long distances and leaping between rooftops. In combat, the Skill is combined with Dexterity to determine the accuracy of thrown weapons.

Possessed by: Professional athletes, police officers, soldiers, survivalists, and physical trainers

Specialties: Acrobatics, Climbing, Kayaking, Long-Distance Running, Sprinting, Swimming, and Throwing

Dramatic Failure: The effort not only fails, but your character injures himself. It might be a sprained muscle or ligament, which inflicts a single point of bashing damage. Risky efforts such as climbing up the side of a building or swimming a long distance can have severe repercussions.

Failure: Your character fails to accomplish the attempted action. His throw misses the mark. He doesn’t make it to the far rooftop. In the case of an extended physical action such as climbing or long-distance running, he doesn’t lose ground but does not make any headway, either.

Success: Your character accomplishes the action as planned. His throw hits the mark. He gains on the fleeing, shadowy figure. He catches the falling baby.

Exceptional Success: Your character completes the attempted action with greater efficiency or power than anticipated. A masterful feat of balance and agility makes a rock-climbing attempt much swifter and smoother than expected. He catches the falling baby and her loose pacifier.


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