A character’s basic, fundamental capabilities are represented with Attributes, which are the foundation of all the acts that he performs. These traits are classified into three categories: Mental, Physical, and Social.

Mental Attributes suggest how insightful, clever, and determined your character is. They are Intelligence, Wits, and Resolve.

Physical Attributes indicate how strong, graceful, and enduring your character is. They are Strength, Dexterity, and Stamina.

Social Attributes determine how imposing, magnetic, and dignified your character is. They are Presence, Manipulation, and Composure.

When a character performs an action, the Attribute most appropriate to the effort is referenced. If he tries to remember what he read during library research last week, you look to his Intelligence dots. If he tries to jump a chasm, you check his Strength. If he tries to make a good first impression on a group of people, you apply his Presence score.A character’s dots are usually rolled as part of a dice pool. Attributes are sometimes combined and rolled to see if an action can be accomplished, but they are more often combined with Skills. The Storyteller will tell you what Attributes are applicable to a character’s actions, and what rolls you can make. In general, the three classes of Attributes are used based on the circumstances. One of each of the Mental, Physical and Social traits has bearing on a different kind of action.

1 Poor: Unexercised, unpracticed or inept; other kids probably tease a child about his lack of ability in this area.
2 Average: The result of occasional effort or application.
3 Good: Regular practice or effort, or naturally talented; the child has a knack for this, or has worked to improve it.
4 Exceptional: Frequently applied, tested and honed, or naturally gifted; a child is the best in his school at this, whether it’s due to innate talent or lots of hard work and practice
5 Outstanding: The peak of normal human capability. Continuously exercised or naturally blessed; a child is near average adult capacity in this area, and opther kids probably tease him about his ability in this area.


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