Becoming a Changeling

This is the part of the program where you acknowledge that you’re different. Face it, kid, you’re not who you used to be. Go back up to the top of the page.

Now you need to fill out Seeming. This is what sort of Changeling you are. There are six basic groups—sort of like the food pyramid. The Beasts are the grains, because we’re the backbone, the Wizened are the vegetables because they’re a bit bland but we all need them around, the Elementals are fruit because they’re in touch with nature and trees and all that, Darklings are dairy because I like ‘em before I go to bed, Ogres are meat because… do you really have to ask? Finally, the Fairest are the top, because they’re all sugar and they’re bad for you. All personal opinions here, and sure, I know some pretty decent Fairest, but I’m trying to make a point.

You pick your Kith based on your Seeming, or you can be Kithless—though it sort of sucks to be Kithless, so I wouldn’t if I were you. Be sure to write down your Seeming Blessing, Curse, and your Kith Blessing, so you don’t forget.

Last, you’ve got your Court. You probably don’t want to fill that out yet. You’re fresh out of the hedge, kid! You don’t want to go getting involved with politics just yet. That comes later. Trust me, it will come later.

Oh, I almost forgot. Take a Specialty in Athletics, Brawl, or Stealth to best represent your Durance. You can double up if you’ve got one already.

Next up is Contracts. Get ready, kid. This is gonna be rough.

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Becoming a Changeling

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