Brawl defines your character’s prowess at unarmed combat, whether he’s a black belt in karate, a hard-bitten street tough, or a college student who’s taken a few self-defense courses. Characters with this Skill know how to hit an opponent, where to hit for maximum effect and how to defend themselves from attack. It can mean using fists, but also elbows, knees, shoulders, head butts, wrestling, joint locks, and choke holds. Characters with a several dots could be familiar with multiple techniques of unarmed combat. Expertise in such techniques is reflected in the Fighting Style Merits, which are based on Brawl. Brawl is added to your character’s Strength to battle people in unarmed combat.

Possessed by: Bikers, boxers, gangsters, police officers, and soldiers

Specialties: Blocking, Boxing, Dirty Tricks, Grappling, Kung Fu, and Throws

Dramatic Failure: Not only does your character fail to hit his opponent, the attack leaves him wide open for a counterblow. Your character’s Defense or Dodge trait does not apply to the next close-combat attack staged against him.

Failure: Your character’s attack misses its target.

Success: Your character scores a hit against his opponent.

Exceptional Success: Your character lands a particularly powerful blow or hits his opponent in a vital area, increasing damage.

Possible Penalties: Slippery conditions (-1), bad weather (-1 to -3), extremely confined space (-2), intervening obstacles (-1 to -3), drunk (-2).


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