Characters possessing this Skill have the necessary training or experience to operate a computer. At high levels (3 or more), a character can create his own computer programs. People with high levels in this Skill are familiar with a variety of programming languages and operating systems. Note that dots in Computer do not apply to manually fixing or building machines, only to operating them. Construction and repair is the province of the Crafts Skill.

Possessed by: Businesspeople, professors, programmers, students, and sysadmins.

Specialties: Artificial Intelligence, Data Retrieval, Graphics, Hacking, Internet.

Dramatic Failure: Your character has caused a system crash, interrupting any work in progress and forcing him to start his efforts from scratch. Data may be lost at the Storyteller’s discretion.

Failure: The task your character attempts to execute does not go off properly or the database query he makes returns no useful information.

Success: Your character’s function executes properly or his queries come back with the correct information.

Exceptional Success: Your character’s program or function executes more quickly and efficiently than expected.


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