Crafts represents a character’s training or experience in creating works of physical art or construction with his hands, from paintings to car engines to classical sculpture. Characters possessing this Skill typically have the knowledge, but not necessarily the tools or facilities to make use of their capabilities. A character might be an exceptional mechanic, for example, but still needs to sweet-talk his boss into opening up the garage after-hours to work on his friend’s car. Crafting a piece of art or creating an object is almost always an extended roll, with the length of time and number of successes required determined by the complexity of the piece. The Storyteller has final say on the time required and the number of successes needed for a particular item.

Possessed by: Contractors, mechanics, plumbers, sculptors, and welders

Specialties: Automobiles, Aircraft, Forging, Jury-Rigging, Sculpting, and Sewing

Dramatic Failure: Your character makes a horrible mistake in creating the piece, ruining it in the process. The chisel hits a flaw in the stone, shattering the statue, or he over-tightens the pipe, stripping the threads. He must begin the job from scratch.

Failure: Your character makes no progress in creating the item in question.

Success: Your character makes progress in crafting the piece (apply successes rolled toward the total needed).

Exceptional Success: Your character makes substantial progress in crafting the piece — a sudden burst of inspiration or a breakthrough in fabrication speeds up the process dramatically (apply successes rolled toward the total needed).


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