Example Creation

So, here we are on the last page! This is where I’m going to show you how it all comes together. Note that while it’s important that the Storyteller has your character sheet, you don’t need to put ALL that information on your Obsidian Portal page.

Alright! Let’s get this show on the road.

The new guy who wandered into our midst couldn’t remember his name, so I’ve opted to call him Skittish. We like descriptive adjectives put in front of names here, but he doesn’t have a name, so I guess we’ll just call him by the adjective. I suppose if Sandra hadn’t remembered her name we would’ve just called her Toothy. If he ever comes up with a name I guess we can call him by that, but for now we’ll call him Skittish. Skitt, for short. So I’ll write down “Skitt” in the Name area. He doesn’t have a Player, so I’ll leave that blank. You will! Don’t leave it blank! Alright. And… the Chronicle is Viva la Vida. Awesome.

Concept is next. I’m pretty sure he mentioned that he used to be an actor, so the Concept would be “Innocent Actor.” I mean, come on! He had to have been green. Nobody else gets that downright scared popping out of the Hedge. His virtue is Charity, and his vice is… Wrath, apparently. He’s told me he has a pretty awful temper. Well, let me tell you, kid, the Summer Court is always looking for new recruits… no? Don’t like embracing your anger? And you’re a little older than me besides? Okay. Whatever floats your boat. Probably best to stay out of those for now, anyway.

Now we move on to Attributes. Skitt is social, sure, he’s a Fairest. Who didn’t see this coming? He’s also kinda smart, but he’s pretty squishy, so we’ll give him 5 dots to spread through Social, 4 for Mental, and 3 for Physical.

So. Let’s distribute his dots.

Intelligence: 2 Strength: 1 Presence: 3
Wits: 2 Dexterity: 2 Manipulation: 4
Resolve: 2 Stamina: 3 Composure: 1

Man, this kid’s jittery. Looks like he’s gonna get swept up any moment. We’ll keep him safe, but… I don’t know how well he’s going to last if he can’t even steady his hand to eat or something.

Now let’s talk about skills. His Social is still highest, but his Physical skills are better than his Mental. We’ll put 2 in Empathy, 1 in Expression since he’s out of practice, Persuasion 3, Socialize 2, and Subterfuge 3. His Physical will be Athletics 3 since he’s pretty athletic, Brawl 1, Drive 1, and Stealth 2. Mental is Academics 2 for his education and Occult 2 for something he won’t tell me about.

Okay. On to specialties. He’s good at recognizing lies and telling them, so we’ll give him Empathy (lies). He’s very good at fast-talking, so he gets Persuasion (fast-talk). Finally, he… Oh. He’s had some… experience with vampires and their ilk, so he has Occult (vampires). This isn’t a normal specialty but is narrower than one, so it’s fine. He also gets a free specialty in Athletics for being a Changeling, which will be Sprinting.

Now we get into his Changeling nature. Skitt is a Fairest, so I’ll write that down. He’s a Muse, so that goes under Kith. We’ll record his Seeming Blessing and Curse now, too. He doesn’t have a Court yet, so we’ll leave that blank. His Contracts are Separation 1 for his Seeming and Fleeting Autumn and Winter 1 for Courts. He can spend the rest on anything else, so he gets Mirror 2, to pretend to be other than what he is.

Okay, let’s go to Advantages. His Health is 8, Willpower is 3… Poor kid. Speed is 8, and initiative is 3. His Dexterity and Wits are both 2, so his Defense is 2. His Clarity is 6 because of shit that’s gone down with him.

His voice is absolutely amazing and soothing, so he gets the Hypnotic Voice merit for 4 dots. He also grabs Danger Sense for the numerous times he’s gotten into trouble and Brownie’s Boon from his extended time in servitude. He also picks up a couple Flaws, both Triggers to reflect his past. He gets one for Goblin Markets, being self-harm because he… hurts himself… so they won’t sell him again… and the other one is for Vampires because of his five years in servitude… and he defaults to it when he’s confronted with the bloodsuckers. No, man, it’s okay. We’ve all got problems, and… Hang on, I’ve just got to finish this up. Kids, ask your Storyteller if Triggers are the right Flaw for you. (They’re probably not. Skitt has been through some trauma past what most of us have dealt with.)

With that, we’re done! That’s all there is to it! We’ve made Skitt a character sheet, and—hey, wait! Where are you going? Skitt!

I guess I’ll see you later!

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Example Creation

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