Firearms allows your character to identify, operate and maintain most types of guns, from pistols to rifles to military weapons such as submachine guns, assault rifles and machine guns. This Skill can represent the kind of formal training provided to police and the military, or the basic, hands-on experience common to hunters, criminals and gun enthusiasts. Firearms also applies to using bows. Your character can use guns and bows equally. Note that dots in Firearms do not apply to manually fixing or building guns, only to wielding them. Construction and repair is the province of the Crafts Skill.

Possessed by: Criminals, gun dealers, hunters, police officers, soldiers, and survivalists.

Specialties: Autofire, Bow, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Sniping, and Trick Shot.

Dramatic Failure: The weapon malfunctions in some way or your character accidentally hits a different target (possibly himself). The most common type of dramatic failure is a misfire — the bullet simply does not go off when the trigger is pulled, and your character is free to shoot again in the next turn. Other mechanical failures such as a jam can be cleared in the following turn.

Failure: Your character misses his intended target. The Storyteller determines what, if anything, the bullet actually hits.

Success: Your character hits his intended target.

Exceptional Success: Not only does your character hit the target, he strikes a particularly vital area, magnifying the damage as reflected by your stellar roll.

Possible Penalties: Target’s armor, target’s concealment, target is prone. High winds (-1 to -3).


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