Larceny is a broad Skill that covers everything from picking locks to concealing stolen goods and everything in between. Most characters obtain this Skill the hard way, by committing crimes and often paying the price for their mistakes. Some individuals such as government agents and members of the military receive formal training in bypassing security systems and stealing valuable assets.

Possessed by: Burglars, commandos, government agents, and private eyes.

Specialties: Concealing Stolen Goods, Lockpicking, Pickpocketing, Security Systems, and Safecracking.

Dramatic Failure: Not only does your character fail his attempted action, he reveals himself in the process. He might trip an alarm, wake a guard dog or be spotted with his hand in another person’s pocket.

Failure: Your character doesn’t complete his intended action. His attempt at picking a markÕs pocket comes up empty, or the lock he works on refuses to cooperate.

Success: Your character completes his action without arousing any notice or suspicion. He pockets the stolen wallet, slips inside the dark building or plucks the diamond from the nest of laser beams without anyone the wiser.

Exceptional Success: Your character not only completes his action, he does so with exceptional speed and grace, saving precious seconds when time is of the essence. A lock pops open with a simple flick of the wrist, or a security system goes offline with a few quick strokes on the keypad.


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