Learning Skills

We’re on to Skills! This is the part where you show me what you know. Pretty literally, to be frank.

Alright, so. Take a gander at the skills on the side. Pretty spiffy, right? I’m gonna need you to prioritize those, too. Mental, Social, and Physical, just like before. Doesn’t have to be the same split as before, but you will need to decide which one is the most important and which is the least.

Now, take that spiffy list and fill in some dots! I’m going to need you to fill in 11 dots into your best category, 7 in your second, and 4 in your last. Keep in mind that you don’t start with any dots in these, and you still have to commit to putting in 2 dots for the 5th dot in anything.

If you want to look at what the different sorts of skills entail, click on that spiffy link up there that says “Skills.” It’ll tell you all that you need to know.

Now you get to pick some specialties! These are things that you do particularly well within a skill. You get three of them to put wherever you want. You can double up on skills and have multiple specialties, or you can spread them out. Whatever you want. You get +1 die to all dice pools that involve that specialty, so make sure it’s stuff you’re really good at.

Here’s the hard part—now we have to take into account your Changeling nature. We’ll do that on the next page.

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Learning Skills

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