The Medicine Skill reflects a character’s training and expertise in human physiology and how to treat injuries and illness. The trait represents knowledge of human anatomy and basic medical treatments. Characters with a low level in this Skill (1 to 2) often possess only rudimentary first-aid training, while characters with high levels (3+) are the equivalent of physicians or surgeons.

Possessed by: Medical students, paramedics, physicians, psychologists, and surgeons

Specialties: Emergency Care, Pathology, Pharmaceuticals, Physical Therapy, and Surgery

Dramatic Failure: Your character has made an improper diagnosis of a patient’s condition and his treatment makes the condition worse. The more serious the condition, the greater the harm. Misdiagnosing a cold instead of a virus might only make the sickness last longer, while improperly treating a gunshot wound may result in infection or death.

Failure: Your character’s diagnosis or treatment has no effect on the patient’s condition.

Success: Your character’s diagnosis and treatment improves the patient’s condition.

Exceptional Success: Your character’s treatment and diagnosis is so effective that the patient’s recovery time is decreased.


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