The Occult Skill reflects a character’s knowledge and experience with the world’s various legends and lore about the supernatural. A character with this Skill not only knows the theories, myths and legends of the occult, but can generally discern “fact” from rumor. Characters may come by this Skill in a variety of ways, from oddball college courses to learning legends and myths from the lips of superstitious family members.

Possessed by: Anthropologists, authors, neo-pagans, occult scholars, and parapsychologists

Specialties: Cultural Beliefs, Ghosts, Magic, Monsters, Superstitions, and Witchcraft

Dramatic Failure: Your character mistakenly identifies an example of occult phenomena or remembers incorrect information that impacts his decisions for the worse. Depending on the situation, this flawed information could be deadly.

Failure: Your character is unable to identify or remember any useful facts about the situation at hand.

Success: Your character properly identifies or remembers facts about an example of occult phenomena.

Exceptional Success: Your character is able to identify or answer questions about a particular example of occult phenomena in great detail, possibly recalling extra details that enhance his understanding of the broader situation. Not only does he successfully identify the ancient grimoire, he recalls that only one known copy was believed to exist, and it belonged to a famous occult scholar who reportedly committed suicide.


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